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The Diamond Approach is the newest and greatest innovation in the Solution Focused field developed by Elliott Connie (World leader in the SFBT field) and Dr Adam Froerer (one of the world leaders in SFBT research). This course is a 7 part deep dive lecture series It breaks down each of the 6 areas of the Diamond 1) Desired Outcome, 2) Resource Talk, 3) Preferred Future, 4) Scaling, 5) History of the Outcome and 6) Closing so that participants can see how a full session is conducted to understand the flow of how a Solution Focused session needs to run. A real life client scenario which runs throughout the lectures gives a demonstration of how this approach works even when the client wants something they can’t have.
This course is delivered online and can be completed in your own time.
A Level 1 Certification Certificate and 7 CEUs awarded on completion.
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ADDITIONAL OFFER: 10 Scenarios When Solution Focused Brief Therapy Should Not Have Worked...But Did! Many people learning this approach, and even those experienced, sometimes struggle when working with clients who have stubborn problems or are in complicated situations. That's why I am offering this video series about tough situations I've encountered in my years of working with clients.

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" Taking Elliott's Diamond Course has taken my Solution-Focused Brief Therapy skills to a new level. I am now getting a deeper understanding of the art of solution focused, the value of descriptions, and the impact of allowing clients to feel empowered. I've learned to "get out of the way". Previously, I used to end therapy sessions by summarizing and at times providing resources that I thought may be helpful. Following the Diamond method, I feel my closing is much cleaner and allows for the therapeutic process of descriptions to take effect. I'm so happy I have taken this course. I recommend it to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of SFBT, and those who want pragmatic ways to implement SFBT in their practice. Thanks Elliott and team!"
Jin Kim Diep - Therapist